12 Days of Christmas Giving Challenge

12 Days of Christmas Giving Challenge

Christmas is the season of giving, and children enjoy receiving presents during the holidays. However, not all children have the resources to get gifts. 

This season, we encourage you to join the 12 Days of Christmas Giving Challenge. The challenge starts on the 12th of December, and on each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas, we will send you a video from the children showcasing one part of our amazing Campus expansion! 

We want to thank you for all you’ve given to make the dream a reality and encourage you to make Advocates of Love a staple in your philanthropic portfolio. 

What Are the 12 Days of Giving?

The 12 Days of Giving Challenge represents the 12 days between the birth of Jesus and when the three wise men visited him. It is a Christmas challenge that encourages small acts of kindness. 

The Advocates of Love team interprets the 12 Days of Giving Challenge as an opportunity to help people in need. The children of the Dominican Republic need donations to make this Christmas special. 

Meaningful Donations

Your donations enable Advocates of Love to change children’s lives by providing gifts during the holiday season. Our generous donors gifted the following to our children:

  1. Basketball Court
  2. Hope House
  3. Backyard to play in
  4. Field trip to the Treehouse/Ziplining
  5. Swing Set & Soccer Nets
  6. School Supplies
  7. Dinner Out at Miami Restaurant and Horseback Riding 
  8. Gazebo
  9. Newly Opened Mission Quarters and Internship Domicile “Casa Rosa’
  10. 4-wheel Adventure and Backpacks
  11. Local volunteer to teach dance

How You Can Participate

Advocates of Love dedicates itself to the children of the Samaná Province in the Dominican Republic. Most children in the Dominican Republic must share everything, with few luxuries like toys and personal care supplies to go around. Many children do not even have the opportunity to go to school. 

Thanks to generous gifts from donors like you, we provide children in need with their own school supplies and a private education, their own toys and games, and opportunities to visit and learn about the country around them.

  •     Donate to support more children in 2022 
  •     Share the campaign or any video on social media and email a friend
  •     Donors will be part of the 12th Day Special! 
  •     Share the video on your own social media
  •     The largest donor, over $2,500, gets a free 5-Day Trip for 2 to visit the children (excludes travel day meals and flights). 


Your donations enable Advocates of Love to provide educational, physical, emotional, and spiritual support to children who need it most. This holiday season, participate in the 12 Days of Giving Challenge. Help Advocates of Love make Christmas special. 

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Melissa Schol

Melissa is originally from Ocala, FL and after moving around Florida, Georgia & North Carolina, she has settled back in Ocala. Melissa went to the College of Central Florida and has pursued a life of service in various administrative, customer service and marketing roles. She has now settled into her dream role as the Communications Director for Advocates of Love.

Melissa was on the state board of the Florida Foster and Adoptive Parent Association while serving 4 years as a foster and then adoptive mom. She has two adopted daughters, Kenzi and Shyne, who keep her busy. Melissa also serves in her local church. 

You can reach Melissa via email: melissa@advocatesoflove.org.