Vision Comes to Life

As we end the first quarter of 2015 we remain in awe of what God continues to do in El Limon. If there was one thing we learned in 2014 it was that we had to re-calibrate our expectations in regards to when and how things get done. So like many typical boards we set out what we felt was a reasonable timeline to begin to see results. Here is the crazy thing, more often than none we have to remind ourselves that God does not operate on our time line. What we thought was a delay caused by cultural differences or communication gaps, was God providing the time we needed to get our house in order. We were reminded that God has always been ten steps ahead of us preparing the way, removing obstacles, sending us the local personnel we needed. All we were being asked, by God, during this time of waiting was to continue to be obedient and prepare for what was to come. In the course of three months here is what has transpired:

Two Children’s Churches opened in El Paraiso, EL Limon and in Nagua. There have been approximately 50 children in each of these locations since the opening in late January. For most of the children in attendance it was the first time they had received structured Bible classes.

Through the community advocacy initiative, six additional children have arrived at our home in El Limon. Five of them are a sibling group of two boys and three girls who lost their mother at a young age. The other is a boy who had been abandoned by his parents and was with grandparents who do not have the resource to care for him. Through the community advocacy initiative we launched. We also brought in three siblings into our community care program who were left by their mom with a dad who is physically disabled.

All of the children in our current care have started English classes. Classes are facilitated twice a week. The children have learned their alphabet, can recite numbers and primary colors. We are so grateful that we serve a loving and caring God. Here we are just four months into the year and there are three Children’s churches with approximately 125 children attending each week. There are now 21 children that no longer have to worry about their next meal and are receiving the love and care they deserve. There is a home in El Limon that is filled with the love of Christ and Family.

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. John 14: 18-19

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Melissa Schol

Melissa is originally from Ocala, FL and after moving around Florida, Georgia & North Carolina, she has settled back in Ocala. Melissa went to the College of Central Florida and has pursued a life of service in various administrative, customer service and marketing roles. She has now settled into her dream role as the Communications Director for Advocates of Love.

Melissa was on the state board of the Florida Foster and Adoptive Parent Association while serving 4 years as a foster and then adoptive mom. She has two adopted daughters, Kenzi and Shyne, who keep her busy. Melissa also serves in her local church. 

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