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  1. In really enjoying the newsletters. It was hard to tell from the website in June July when I looked what the charity have been doing in the last several years. Looking at the tax filing statements made it seem like it was only supporting individual children by name. I wanted to support the overall mission and provide medicines and school supplies and so I’m grateful for these newsletters to explain what our donations are now going to during this coronavirus global outbreak. I’m grateful to help children in Dominican republic and particularly in seminar where my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy during a very terrible time in our life. We are so very grateful for the hospital and the wonderful staff that helped us through that terrible week of investigations and diagnoses. I am forever in debt it to the doctors and experts in the loving care of the people of Dominican republic and feel humbled a d honored to be able to help you in your ongoing work with the children there.

  2. It does not only take a village- it takes the world.
    May my small token of my appreciation be useful to your mission.
    Catheline Baez-Hidalgo

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