For many children, summer vacation is a break from all academics. Summer school and summer camps that focus on education are not synonymous with “fun” for many young students. However, embracing summer learning can be incredibly beneficial because it prepares children for school in the fall. 

It’s not uncommon for children to experience a “summer slide,” which is the loss of information they learned the previous year. Kids work hard throughout the school year to learn, but when they stop exercising their brains during a two- or three-month break, they can forget what they learned. 

With summer learning, children will retain core knowledge. Summer classes also allow students to learn new things at their own pace. Children may not have access to different learning techniques during the school year, but they can explore various ways to learn during the summer without additional stress.

Allowing a child to participate in academic activities over the summer break helps children develop their critical thinking skills, which are vital for their success as they grow up. Everything from math to literacy to computer skills will provide them with the educational foundation they need going into adulthood.

How We Embraced Summer Learning in 2021

At Advocates of Love, we help our children excel in all areas of their life, including education. Teachers and tutors at our Christian Children’s Home in the Province of Samaná in the Dominican Republic offered summer reading, writing, math, science, and cabinetry programs to help children in our care develop their individual God-given skills.  

Our staff were able to provide special attention to those with academic delays to ensure that they catch up. Thanks to some generous donors, they were able to spend time in dual-language learning on computers. 

How You Can Help

At Advocates of Love, our mission is to better the lives of disadvantaged children who come from dangerous or unhealthy environments. Our caring team understands the importance of academics, and we want to help every child in our care develop a love of learning. Learn more about the children you can sponsor here.

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