June 27, 2016
June 27, 2016
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Erica has been in our community care program since our inception.  Her family became a part of our community care program due to the extreme level of poverty they lived in. Her dad, a disabled fisherman, has limitations in his ability to walk and get around. Erica currently resides with her father and two younger siblings. In February of 2019, Erica gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Fernando Jose. We continue to partner with Erica’s family to provide essential needs and educational opportunities for her and her siblings.

Erica is a well mannered and very energetic young woman. She enjoys drawing, singing and going for walks.  She is working toward learning English as a second language. One of her wishes is to travel the world and learn about new cultures. She welcomed a son in February of 2019.

If you become a sponsor, you will be able to contact Erica.