In 2013 Advocates of Love began the first ministry and children’s home within the entire Province of Samaná. To date we are the only children’s home and ministry to orphaned and vulnerable children in the Province.


When you donate, you help support the well-being of a child. Your monthly support provides funding that will allow your child to receive housing, nutrition, health care, education, clothing, and extracurricular activities.


Advocates of Love is the only resource for children in the Samaná region. We provide 24 hr. care for those children who meet the CONANI standards, and community based care for those who meet the standards set forth by Advocates of Love’s standards.

Sponsor A Child - How Does It Work?

100% of your gift will directly help with the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of your child.


Dominican children often share beds and clothing. With your support each child receives their own bed, closet space and their own belongings.


For most Dominican children, food is not always a guarantee. Our children receive three home-cooked and balanced meals, plus healthy snacks daily.


15% of Dominican kids don’t attend school. Many spend their days as child labor. Our children are enrolled in a safe, attentive private school, receiving the top 2% of education in the country.


Our children receive routine check-ups, well visits, and therapy appointments congruent with the strictest Dominican standards. We also bring members of the U.S. medical community on medical missions trips.


It is customary for Dominican children to share clothes and even live without shoes. Your support provides personal belongings, shoes and clothes that fit properly and never have to be shared with siblings.


With all basic needs met, because of your support, our children have the opportunity to nurture their unique skills and talents. They have regular exposure to music lessons, sports, arts and crafts, Church, and community service.