How to Welcome Jesus into Your Life

Welcome Jesus into Your LifeIn Matthew 25, Jesus teaches us that how we treat the least of his brothers and sisters, the neediest among us, is how we treat Jesus. The term “Christian” means a commitment to a Christ-like life. Though Christian religions and Christian denominations throughout the history of Christianity may disagree about the details, they cannot deny Jesus’ call to help those in need.

The best way to bring Jesus into your life is to be welcoming in the same way that He was welcoming during His ministry. He embraced those who needed Him the most, not turning them away because they were poor or had a troubled past.

Advocates of Love puts the word of Jesus into action by providing aid and guidance to the neglected and orphan children in the Samaná region of the Dominican Republic. Your support shapes the lives of real people, helping them to overcome challenges in their lives.

Applying Jesus’ Teachings in Today’s World

Imagine the life of Orlando, a young boy whose mother passed away, leaving him to wander the streets of Samaná barefoot and hungry, without a stable home. With donations from Christians like you, Advocates of Love gave Orlando shoes, a room, and nourishing meals. Most importantly, they gave Orlando a home and family.

Imagine a young woman named Erica, who looks after her disabled father while raising a son of her own. A child should be a blessing, but without support, Erica and her child would face fear, hunger, and despair. With your support and God’s love working through us, we don’t have to let this happen.

Advocates of Love depends on your support to fulfill Christ’s mission and bring the good news and compassion of the Kingdom of God to Orlando, Erica, and children like them. To help, call (813) 321-3904 and sign up for the prayer newsletter on our website.