Our New Campus – Advocates of Love


children’s lives. Every child deserves a safe place to live, learn, and develop. Sadly, children in many places around the world face challenges ranging from abuse, poverty, uncertainty, and hopelessness. In the Dominican Republic region of Samaná, thousands of people live in poverty, leaving many children at risk.

Advocates of Love ministers to the children of Samaná in the same spirit of Jesus’ ministry to the poor in Israel. We have established a home for children in Samaná to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the community’s neediest children.

We are grateful to the donors who have supported us through the years. The outpouring of support has allowed us to develop a new campus expansion that provides larger dormitories and an opportunity for Advocates of Love to expand our mission and reach more children in need.

The children’s home provides the necessities of daily life, including laundry, a kitchen, a dining room, and a classroom. These simple rooms offer more than vital physical sustenance. They provide a chance for children who have faced abuse and neglect to feel God’s love and human compassion. The generosity that we show today lays the foundation for healthy mental and spiritual growth.

Our donors have carried us through phase one of our campus expansion goal, but we still need your help to fund phase two. Right now, a child is on the streets of a city in Samaná. When he or she arrives at our doorstep, will we have the resources that we need to help? The answer depends on you.

Your support and donations mean the world to these children of Samaná in these tough times. Follow this link and donate what you can to change these children’s lives.

Traveling To Advocates of Love Campus

To reach Advocates of Love from Santo Domingo Airport, take the Autopista del Nordeste and the Autopista Nagua-Samaná. Drive 86 miles. Turn right just before the Iglesia Sagrado Corazón De Jesús Los Corrales. Drive half a mile until you see Advocates of Love on the right.

For a tour of the Advocates of Love property, start at the children’s campus near the road and walk east along the path, then turn right to head south until you see our Church on your right. Continue south to reach the Mission Hotel.