Sponsor Highlight – Giving Hope

giving hope to the child

Giving Hope of New Orleans paid a visit to the Advocates of Love Children’s Home in May. Here is a little more about this wonderful organization.

Giving Hope is a non-profit organization in New Orleans, LA, dedicated to promoting human dignity and improving people’s lives. Through their initiatives, Giving Hope’s staff, volunteers, and corporate partners mentor, feed, clothe, and house the needy of New Orleans and around the world.

Giving Hope started in 2013 with a food pantry. Since then, Giving Hope has grown and now includes Hope House Orphanages, the Giving Hope Retreat, which offers shelter to formerly homeless men, and Angola Re-Entry, which assists non-violent offenders to reenter society on their release from jail.

Giving Hope’s May visit to the Advocates of Love Children’s Home was a remarkable success. The foundation’s representatives were so moved by the experience that they agreed to sponsor 7 of our children, making Advocates of Love the 8th organization Giving Hope has donated funds to.

Learn more about Giving Hope, a non-profit organization.

How You Can Help

Founded in 2013, Advocates of Love is based in Samaná, Dominican Republic. It was founded to help children achieve better lives by escaping danger and bad living conditions.

Sponsoring children, as Giving Hope did, changes their lives forever. It also changes the sponsors’ lives. When you sponsor a child, you will receive news about his or her life and opportunities to visit so you can see firsthand what a wonderful opportunity you have helped make possible.

Every donation counts. Even a small amount every month can make a dramatic difference in a child’s life. Monthly donations go straight toward the child’s spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs.

To learn more about our mission and the ways you can help, call Advocates of Love at (813) 321-3904 today.