Travel to the Dominican Republic in 2021

In 2021, safety while traveling is on all of our minds. Traveling to the Dominican Republic is only a couple of hours by plane from most parts of the East Coast and offers sweeping views of natural and cultural beauty. But is it safe to travel during COVID-19? Many hotels in the DR are creating a safe environment for tourists by not only deep cleaning their rooms, but sealing the door, ensuring guests that no one has entered the room after it was cleaned. They have also increased their daily cleaning from once a day to multiple times a day in communal areas. They clean common items that likely have been overlooked before, like remote controls or light switches. These days, many resorts and popular tourist destinations are not nearly as crowded. This is partially due to the pandemic, as people are less likely to travel, but also because people are observing social distancing rules. It’s within reason that you could find you have an entire pool to yourself or discover you have a private beach. Where should you visit? The DR is graced with tropical weather year around. Ranging from 77 to 85 degrees on average, you can do a lot of outdoor or open-air activities. Santo Domingo is a beautiful historic town, particularly in the Zona Colonial, which contains the major points of interest. This populated city has over 2 million residents, with many open-air courtyard restaurants and stunning architecture. Drive along the main highway, and you’ll be compelled to stop at Santa Bárbara de Samaná; also known as simply “Samaná.” In 2013, this is where we founded the first CONANI-licensed Children’s Home for neglected and orphaned children. To date, we are still the only resource for these children in the entire Samaná region. This authentic port town that hasn’t been overrun by tourists just yet. Throughout Samaná, you’ll see skilled craftsmen and breathtaking vistas. Climb up towers that overlook the sea, and you’ll likely spot whales. There is also a whale museum with an entire whale skeleton to complement your trip. Turn your vacation into a humanitarian visit. Before you leave Samaná, be sure to coordinate a visit to the Advocates of Love Children’s Home and, newly built Hope House. Give some much-needed love and hope to the children of Samaná and witness the new light of God in their eyes. You’ll witness progress and challenges facing the community. The DR is not all beaches and hotels. Visiting our Children’s Home will give you a unique and heartfelt perspective. If you feel compelled, becoming a monthly sponsor for a child would dramatically help change that child’s life. Your donation will directly help support change to programs that will allow your child to receive housing, nutrition, health care, education, clothing, extracurricular activities, and more. We hope your visit to the DR is safe, restful and reinvigorating. Consider becoming a monthly sponsor today: