How to Sponsor a Child

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All children need love, care, and safety to grow and thrive in society. Sponsoring a child has a direct impact on their lives, helping them in more meaningful ways than you could ever imagine. Advocates of Love’s mission is to bring hope, faith, and resources to the children who need it the most.

How Your Support Helps

Becoming a one-time or monthly sponsor of a child changes that child’s life in many ways. Here are some ways your sponsorship impacts children:

  • Success through education: Many children in the community of Samaná do not have the funds to attend or finish school. Your generosity helps ensure a lifetime of learning, supporting these children’s education so they may succeed in life.
  • Success through community: Donations and others’ generosity help us do more than support a child directly. It also allows us to run programs to benefit all the children of Samaná at the Hope House.
  • Success through relationships: When you support a child, you build a relationship with them, the Advocates of Love, and the entire community of Samaná. This selfless act helps spread the faith and ties us all together.


Advocates of Love works directly with the community of Samaná and CONANI to make sure every child has a chance at love, happiness, and fulfillment throughout their life. Through prayer and direct action, we can take the neglected, orphaned, and forgotten children of Samaná and give them a fighting chance under the eye of our Lord.

Sponsor a Child Today

Sponsoring a child through Advocates of Love improves that child’s life and builds hope for their future. Doing so also encourages you to live generously, setting the example for those around you to do so as well. For more information on how to get involved, visit our website and sponsor a child online.