Temporary Care Before Sponsorship

Temporary Care Before Sponsorship

What Is Temporary Care?

Temporary care is a short-term, urgent solution while the Children and Adolescents National Council (CONANI) seeks a long-term, usually family-based, solution for an individual child. Whenever possible, we exist to provide temporary care within the Children’s Home to ensure that the child remains safe, secure, and knows they are loved during the transition.

Children are placed in temporary care for assorted reasons, including rescuing a child from abandonment, neglect, abuse, and even homelessness.

To date, we are the only resource available to children in the Samana region of the Dominican Republic.

Abigail is a young girl who was placed with us after being discovered home alone in a tiny apartment. She was found terrified and traumatized, crying for hours and dirty. The neglect was egregious, and we were available to care for her and love her while CONANI and Child Protective Services pursued an investigation. At the end of a brief period, it was discovered that her caretakers were in need of some vital work resources and child support services. Once these were put into place, Abigail was returned home.

Another case is Islander, the amazing little girl who was placed in our care in early 2021 because of severe abuse and neglect at the hands of her Father, her primary caregiver. Her face was so sad and scared when we first met her. She had burns, bruises, and deep lacerations on her arms and back. Within a brief time, she settled into our loving arms and began to soften and smile. She took a liking to the other children very quickly and they adore her, too. Today, Islander is a genuinely sweet, calm, creative, and fun little girl.

After a few months with us, Child Protective Services disclosed they would like to reunite her with her father. A meeting was set. When she caught the eyes of her father walking into the meeting room, her body became tense, and she burst into tears, weeps and body shaking. The terror and trauma returned immediately. Based on her reaction it was decided that she would be better off remaining with us for the near future.

Watch a video of Islander here and consider sponsoring her.


How You Can Help

Advocates of Love is an organization dedicated to helping children living in dangerous or unhealthy conditions in Samaná, DR. When you sponsor a child, you’ll receive updates as well as the opportunity to visit your sponsored child and the sponsored child’s community.

Even the smallest bit of help can change a child’s life. Your monthly gift goes directly to helping your child holistically, meeting their spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs.

For more information about our mission and what you can do to help, call Advocates of Love at (813) 321-3904 today.