I Never Thought I Would go to College

Going to college is a dream that is shared by young adults around the globe. For some, it is a given. They know that is the plan, and they have the family and the resources to make it happen. However, for some kids- going to secondary school, let alone college is an idea that is simply not feasible. Kids like Erica. Erica is a young woman from the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican Republic, education is difficult, at best. Over 15% of the kids there never even go to school. The flipside of this is that it is difficult to have a career and pull yourself from poverty. Erica joined the Advocates of Love community care program due to the extreme level of poverty she lived in. Her father is a disabled fisherman, and she has two younger brothers. This did not stop her in her pursuit of education. Despite the difficulties at home, Erica thrived in the Advocates of Love environment and was able to excel at school. She graduated high school and was recently accepted into a local college. She is a wonderful young woman, who did not let life get in the way of getting ahead. Erica trusts in God and believes in his guidance. She is still active within Advocates of Love as a classroom helper and a volunteer. Because of your generosity, kids just like Erica get a chance to move ahead in life- by not putting limits on their education.

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