This is What it Will Take to Return to School

As the sun rises over the beaches of the Dominican Republic on a sunny day in late November, very few people on the island are worried about getting their Thanksgiving turkey in the oven. Why? Because Thanksgiving is most definitely an American holiday. However, that has not stopped a small, but growing population on the island. Thanksgiving in the Dominican Republic is mostly celebrated by ex-pats and Americans on vacation. Spending a day thinking about how thankful you are for what you have in your life is a wonderful thing. Even if you can’t have turkey and grandma’s green bean casserole. Many hotels, resorts, and communities hold a traditional Thanksgiving dinner if that is truly what you are after. It’s a wonderful holiday to share with friends, new and old alike. The seasonings and some of the flavors might be a little different, but the idea is still the same. Celebrating Thanksgiving is so much more than food to this group of people. It is a connection to home, and the chance to be thankful for everything that life has offered them. The children here at Advocates of Love learn about Thanksgiving and celebrate it as a way to be thankful, and it gives a chance for some of the American caretakers to share a beloved holiday with them. When it comes down to it- it doesn’t matter where you celebrate Thanksgiving, or what you eat. The very idea of Thanksgiving is to celebrate how thankful you are for what you have and what you have been given.

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