Sponsor a Child in Samaná

sponsor a child

There are vulnerable children who need your care and support in the Samaná community of the Dominican Republic. Help Advocates of Love make a difference in these children’s lives and sponsor a child today.

A donation of just $30 a month is enough to support one of our children in reaching their fullest potential. The Samaná little ones that we welcome into our Advocates of Love Children’s Home are orphaned or unable to stay in a safe home environment. You can give that child a hopeful, new beginning through your sponsorship.

If you’re wondering where the donation would go, you’re not alone. The funds go directly to the care of these lively souls, including the child’s housing, nutritious food, education, vital medical checkups, clothing, and community activities.

Sponsoring a child will allow you to build a real connection with them, as you become an important part of their journey. Advocates of Love is the only children’s home in the area to provide ministry services. We feel that bringing our children closer to faith helps their spiritual development.

Your beneficiary is able to receive an education and live in a comfortable, happy environment. However, one of the most important aspects is that the child will be given the opportunity to emotionally break free from their past and learn how to form healthy relationships. Child sponsorship is an emotional, spiritual, enlightening experience for both you and the child.

Most children in the Dominican Republic are from poor backgrounds, and fortunate enough to share their bed, closet, clothing, and shoes with their siblings, if they possess these items at all. However, when you sponsor a child in Samaná, you are granting them personal space and their own clothing. It evokes a great feeling of ownership for the child.

You will also be giving a child three healthy, home-cooked meals per day. Your support maintains our educational facility, where we provide an interactive, quality education for our kids. Without sponsors, most of these children would be working as child laborers under harsh conditions.

Choosing to sponsor a child in this way has an indelible impact on every aspect of their lives.

Meet the Children

There are many children in the province of Samaná who are still in urgent need of a sponsor.

CONANI, a Dominican Republic government agency, brings many children into our care. Maricela is a child who was found living in the streets with her two older brothers. Their mother was incarcerated.

CONANI brought Maricela under our wing, and her carers now face a mission to undo the neglect she has felt and provide her with the support she needs to thrive.

Carlos is another boy who was placed in the Children’s Home by CONANI. He comes from a history of physical abuse. You can help children like Maricela or Carlos, if not in person, then with your generosity.

Sponsor a child and allow them a space and support structure to learn how to make positive decisions. Your donation could be the catalyst in them achieving their dreams. You are also helping them foster their relationship with Jesus Christ for renewed spiritual health.

You can meet the children who are in need of a sponsor or visit us directly at the Advocates of Love Children’s Home in Samaná. Don’t wait—help a child in need today.