Why Sponsor a Child?

From infancy to young adulthood, children need to be loved, cared for, and educated to thrive in society. Unlike other types of donations, sponsoring a child means your donations will directly impact a young person’s life in the most meaningful way. Advocates of Love focuses on the positive impact of community, strengthening family unity, and cares for children in need. Direct partnerships with local pastors, community, CONANI, and individuals means Advocates of Love can achieve their mission and help bring hope and resources to the children who need it.

Here are some important reasons to sponsor a child directly:

  1. Succeed in School: Many of these children have connections to their family, but not the funds to live within the home of a family member, or finish schooling. For older children like Erika, Advocates of Love also helps with finishing high school. Giving help towards the enrichment of their lives means they can have the support needed to succeed.
  2. Community Programs: Along with helping the child you pick directly; your funding goes into helping with programs that benefit all of the children at the Hope House. During the holidays we even put on a Christmas Concert and Fiesta!
  3. Building Relationships: Not only will you get updates and build a relationship with the child you sponsor, but you will also build relationships with the community of Advocates of Love, and the broader community of Samaná. When you visit our ministry, you will find smiling faces and loving support from your generosity.

The first step to sponsoring a child is reading about them here or visiting us directly at the Advocates of Love Children’s Home and Hope House in Samaná. Becoming a monthly sponsor for a child would dramatically help change that child’s life in many ways. Consider becoming a monthly sponsor today.